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It’s a pleasure to showcase the hard work of this semester’s writers.  I am so happy to have worked with them and I hope you enjoy their writing!


For this essay, the writers viewed works of art and then described them using objective and subjective details.

Bonnie- Starry Night

Eyad- Starry Night

Elena- Poppies Impression

Zhengjun Li- Starry Night


Students share their personal stories in narrative style.

Bonnie- Ghost Story

Elena- One Way Ticket

Eyad- Driving Into the Bus


Writers chose a position on a current topic, examined the counterarguments, and persuaded the reader to agree with them.

Elena- Gender in Schools

Eyad- Public Transportation in Detroit




These cause and effect essays are the results of a lot of hard work by the Intermediate English Writing class at UDM Spring/Summer 2010.

Hu Che-Wei (Joe)- Environmental Pollution

Essam Etmouni- Benefits of the Internet

Zeinab El Adawy- Painkillers

Zaki Rezwana- Problems for Apple iPhone

Bhavi Shah- Detrimental Effects of Television

Welcome to our blog!  This blog features the writing of our international students.  The international students at the University of Detoit Mercy are a valuable part of the academic community.  These students bring their own unique perspectives and ideas that enrich us as a whole.  The goal of this blog is to celebrate their ideas and cultures.  Please enjoy reading and listening and feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Jaime Yung

Assistant Coordinator

American Language and Culture Program

International  Services Office

University of Detroit Mercy

These essays were written as part of the ALCP Intermediate Writing Class Winter 2010.  They were inspired by the NPR series “This I Believe” and based on a lesson plan by Krista Sherman from

Cesar- This is What I Believe

Lei- Explore

Fathiya- I Believe

Amy- Smile

Renee- International Students

Spark- Earthquake

Tony- Best Wishes

Xiao- We Are Not Different

The next two students were kind (and brave!) enough to record their essays, so their words can be heard in their own voices.

DD- My Scariest Experience

DD- Scariest Experience mp3

DD- My Only Assets

DD- My Only Assets mp3

Will- How to Be a Good Son

Will- How to Be a Good Son mp3

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